Stewart Hodgson
Page updated 18-Apr-2011

Stewart never really had any road racing ambitions. The son of former Middlesbrough speedway captain, Frank, he was always discouraged from riding on the road, although he had an off-road bike, a 150cc James, when he was 10. He took up scrambling at 16 and finished up riding a Husqvarna four years later.

Riding on the road with Ken Redfern inspired him to buy a roadster, a 650cc SS Norton, and he had a go at Croft one day just to see what it was like with no traffic about. In 1973, his first season, his lowest position was seventh, with many wins and seconds, as well as equalising Redfern's lap record at Croft. He also lapped Mallory and Cadwell Parks on a circus monocycle and took up hang-gliding!

In 1979 Stewart partnered Andy Goldsmith on the Gus Kuhn Suzuki at several endurance races, including the 1,000km race at Mettet where they finished 5th.

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