Frank Kateley
Page updated 15-Mar-2021

Photo from Motor Cycle News

Frank joined the company in June 1969 as race mechanic to work alongside rider Mick Andrew in the race shop, preparing the six racing machines, and the special GK Commandos. Before starting his new job 23-year-old Frank had worked as a mechanic for Harold Daniel. "I was working as a general mechanic of all types of machinery - not so interesting as the present opportunity to concentrate on racing machines," he said.

After three years racing on the grass with a Triumph outfit, Frank turned his attention to road racing, this time with a Norton twin powered outfit. But the need for him to look after the Gus Kuhn raceware at weekends give him no option but to pack in riding himself.

He left Kuhn's at the end of the 1970 racing season and went on to join the London Fire Brigade.