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Gus Kuhn is featured in two sets of cigarette cards:

The first set was issued in 1929 by Ogdens and is called "Famous Dirt-Track Riders". There are 25 riders featured in the set: Frank Arthur, Jack Bishop, Cecil Brown, Hilary Buchanan, Clem Cort, Tom Croombs, Paddy Dean, Sprouts Elder, Roger Frogley, Buzz Hibberd, Vic Huxley, Noel Johnson, Jim Kempster, Gus Kuhn, Billy Lamont, Alf Medcalf, Frank C. Pearce, Art Pechar, Reg Pointer, Mart Sieffert, Dicky Smythe, Eric Spencer, Charlie Spinks, Ben Unwin and Colin Watson.

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Ogdens cards 'Famous Dirt Track Riders' Nos 1-10 Ogdens cards 'Famous Dirt Track Riders' Nos 11-20 Ogdens cards 'Famous Dirt Track Riders' Nos 21-25
Ogdens cards 'Famous Dirt Track Riders' No 14 Gus KuhnGus Kuhn is No. 14 in the series, though his portrait is quite unrecognisable. On the back of his card is the following information:
"One of the pioneers of English Dirt-track racing, Gus Kuhn is also one of the finest. His cool and clever riding has brought him to the front ranks among the English riders, and he has ridden with success on most of our English tracks. It is when competing in the handicap events at Stamford Bridge track that he gained his reputation. He has sometimes won as many as five events in one night on this track. Gus Kuhn is also a well known trials rider."

The second set was issued in 1937 by John Player & Sons and is called "Speedway Riders". There are 50 riders featured: Joe Abbot, Arthur Atkinson, Phil Bishop, Gordon Byers, Dicky Case, Frank Charles, Eric Chitty, Bill Clibbett, Eric Collins, Tommy Croombs, Billy Dallison, Jack Dixon, Acorn Dobson, Frank Goulden, Stan Greatrex, George Greenwood, Max Grosskreutz, Morian Hansen, Bob Harrison, Vic Huxley, Ron Johnson, Nobby Key, Wally Kilmister, Bill Kitchen, Gus Kuhn, Billy Lamont, Eric Langton, Ginger Lees, Walter Lloyd, Cordy Milne, Jack Milne, Mick Murphy, George Newton, Jack Ormston, Jack Parker, Cliff Parkinson, Tommy Price, Geoff Pymar, Claude Rye, Jack Sharp, Harry Shepherd, Dick Smythe, Tiger Stevenson, Fred Strecker, Lionel Van Praag, Frank Varey, Colin Watson, Bluey Wilkinson, George Wilks and Dicky Wise.
John Player cards 'Speedway Riders' Nos 1-10
John Player cards 'Speedway Riders' Nos 11-20
John Player cards 'Speedway Riders' Nos 21-30 John Player cards 'Speedway Riders' Nos 31-40
John Player cards 'Speedway Riders' Nos 41-50

This series provides much more recognisable portraits of the riders than the first set.

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Gus Kuhn
One of the veterans of the speedway, Gus Kuhn was racing motorcycles before the War, during which he joined the Royal Naval Air Service. Years later, in 1928, he became one of the first Englishmen to make a name on the cinder tracks. He led Stamford Bridge to success in the first League Championship, and secured an English Test "cap" in 1930 and 1931. Joined Wimbledon in 1933 and is still one of the most dependable riders. He has a distinctive upright style. Born in Birmingham, he now owns a garage in London.
Gus Kuhn is No. 25 in the set and
the information on the reverse reads
John Player cards 'Speedway Riders' No 25 Gus Kuhn

Gus is also featured in a set of 36 '1930 Speedway Stars' trade cards which was issued by D C Thomson, publishers of the Rover magazine for boys.

The information on the back seems to be inaccurate, as we are not aware of Gus riding for Belle Vue, though he frequently competed there.

D C Thomson issued several sets of Speedway Stars in their various magazines and the cards are often available on Ebay.