George Dalby
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George Amos Dalby
At the end of the first world war George Amos Dalby (1881 - 1976) opened a motor cycle repair business in Bakers Street, Sparkhill, Birmingham, next to where he was born. He became a Triumph agent and was able to purchase a number of Ex-War Dept Triumphs which were now surplus to requirements. He designed and marketed a kit to convert these from chain and belt to all chain drive, as well as fitting internal expanding brakes.

At around this time he was joined by his son George Thomas Dalby (1904 - 1980). One of the many visitors to the garage was a young lad named Jack Parker. He worked for another garage, riding a motor cycle and sidecar collecting spares etc.

In 1919 George Snr started riding in motor cycle events around the Midlands and won many awards in company with Gus Kuhn and Frank Watson, of Watsonian sidecar fame.

In the first Victory Trial in 1919 George Snr won the Duke Cup on his 4 hp Triumph. The following year at the Essex Club's hill climbing event at Kop Hill near Princes Risborough he made a star solo climb. He also won the Lycett Trophy in the Birmingham to Lands End trial. Gus also competed in these events.

In 1928 George Jnr, along with Jack and Norman Parker, Bert Perrigo and Jack Amott, took up dirt track racing at Hall Green, Perry Barr and Coventry. George rode a Douglas and Jack rode a BSA, which he later sold to George, who rode till 1932 as well as road testing for the James factory, who at that time where producing a Vee twin (Model 12).

In 1939 George Jnr joined the Rover Company at Clay Lane, Yardley, where he worked on Merlin engines and later on the conversion (Meteor) which was fitted into tanks. Whilst there he worked with Les Graham, who went on to a very successful TT career. Following this he built APUs for V bombers at Lode Lane.