Gus Kuhn's Contemporaries
Page updated 24-Jan-2011

Here are some of the riders and characters involved with motorcyle sport between the wars that Gus would have known.
Some of the names link to more information.

Frank 'Pa' Applebee, trials and TT competitor.
Frank Arthur took over from Gus as captain of Stamford Bridge.
Les Blakebrough, team-mate at Stamford Bridge
Tom Bradbury-Pratt, speedway promotor.
Bill Bragg, team-mate at Stamford Bridge and Olympic cyclist.
Ted Bravery, team-mate at Stamford Bridge
Nobby Clarke, the 'trainer' at Wimbledon.
George Dalby, father & son, competed in Trials and DT with Gus.
Freddie Dixon raced on two, three and four wheels.
Sprouts Elder, the great American speedway star.
Tom Farndon, hero of New Cross.
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of his story - and Part Two.
Roger Frogley, Crystal Palace star and flying ace.
Max Grosskreutz, Australian Belle Vue Ace and Norwich manager.
Vic Huxley, the legendary Australian captain of Wimbledon.
Rudy Knight, Wall of Death rider who was Gus's friend, mechanic and neighbour.
Eric Langton, Belle Vue Ace.
'Ginger' Lees, Bury's champion.
Jack Parker 'champion of champions'
Wal Phillips, a team-mate both at Stamford Bridge and Wimbledon.
Geoff Pymar, Wimbledon team mate who went onto a long and varied career.
Claude Rye, a team-mate at Wimbledon, friend and business rival.
Triss Sharp, Crystal Palace star.
Eric Spencer, fellow trials and speedway rider.
Lionel Van Praag of Wembley and Australia.
Colin Watson, star of Wembley and West Ham
Tim Webb was a great fan and friend of Gus and his family
'Tiger' Jack Wood, Bolton's broadsider.

This list is an ongoing project and more names will be added in due course.
If you know of anyone who should be included on the list, please get in touch.