Tom Bradbury-Pratt
Page updated 26-Dec-2010

Tom Bradbury-Pratt was a sports promoter involved with Southampton, Middlesbrough, Portsmouth and other speedway venues. In 1935, together with Mr Charles Knott, he brought speedway back to Harringay.

Tom and his brother, Harry, were also involved in a number of London nightclubs where his riders often enjoyed a complimentary evening.

In 1937 he organised the world's largest whist drive at Olympia, London. The following year, mid way through the season, he started a 2nd Division speedway team at Lea Bridge, bringing Gus Kuhn back from the brink of retirement to captain the team, mostly made up of Harringay reserves.

In 1939 his Southampton team had returned to the 1st Division, so he transferred Gus there, hoping his experience and knowledge would help some of the other riders. However, Gus was at the end of his career and retired after a few rides.