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Jordan Levitt's 750 Gus Kuhn Norton Seeley
We have found out that the frame was originally supplied in May 1972 to Mr. Goodson.
Does anyone know anything about him, or the bike's career in his ownership?

In October 2007 we received the following Email from Brooklyn, New York:

I own and race (#3 Nationally in AHRMA BEARS Competition) a 1972 Seeley MK4 Commando which I believe originated from Gus Kuhn. The serial number is MK 4CS272N. The bike is in original condition and appears to have been raced continually since the 70's. Any information you can provide about the original owners/racers or history on the bike would be great. My plan over the winter is to repaint the bike in Gus Kuhn colours for the coming racing season.

When it comes to racing bikes, there is not enough being done to keep the history alive. I really appreciate your website!

Jordan Levitt, AHRMA, WERA, USCRA #719

We are thrilled to know it is out there on the race track - where it belongs.

Update Sept 2009: This machine has now transferred to Jamie Waters

Barber Motorsports park in Alabama USA on weekend 20/21 October 2007.