Stan Wyllie
Page updated 06-Jun-2011

My name is Stan Wyllie I was a friend of Pat Mahoney here in the USA. I helped him in the pits at Daytona International Speedway. I attach some pictures we took together at Daytona.

I am the person in all white. The little boy and girl are my son and daughter. These pictures were taken back in the 70's in the infield at Daytona International Speedway. I was his pit crew and it was the first time he completed the Daytona 200 Race. He came into the pits and was going to call it quits because his motorcycle was vibrating too much. However, I changed his plugs and sent him back on the track and he finished the race. Just to finish the Daytona 200 race is a big challenge. His sponsor was 'Clean Walls'. This was the same year he got hurt in Brand Hatch. (1975)

When I found out that he was in a wheelchair and would not be racing anymore, he came to Daytona and visited me to visit me during Daytona bike week. I know how bad he wanted to get back on a motorcycle.

I have been to UK 3 times and always wanted to visit Pat but could never locate his address. So sorry to hear Pat has passed, he indeed was a wonderful person.

Stan Wyllie
Blue Ridge Mountains