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4th August (Sunday) at Lydden: Gus Kuhn race team's first outing. Mick Andrew took the 745 Kuhn Commando to 3rd place in the 1,000cc event behind winner Dave Croxford (500 Seeley) and Pat Mahoney (500 Oakley Quaife). Mick also came third in the 350 race on his Aermacchi, behind Brian Kemp and Steve Jolly, both on Yamahas.
Gus Kuhn Norton's first outing at Lydden
THE First meeting at Lydden.
Mick is No. 5
Photo from the Gus Kuhn Archive
On Sunday (11th August) the Norton Commando will make its international racing debut at the Hutchinson 100 where Peter Williams and Mick Andrew will both race modified versions of the revolutionary 750cc British twin in the 1,000cc racing class. Mick will also use a standard version in the production-bike race.

The first man to actually race a Commando when he rode a standard model at Lydden on Sunday was, in fact, Andrew. And an impressive debut it was. The Ware rider finished third in the racing class just a few yards astern of winner Pat Mahoney on the Oakley-Quaife G50 Matchless and Dave Croxford (Seeley).

After starting the year racing works BSAs in production events, Mick is now sponsored by Gus Kuhn Motors. Kuhn will also sponsor Mick on his own 350cc Aermacchi and 500 Norton racers.

The racing version of the Commando to be ridden by Mick at Brands has a Seeley front brake and megaphone exhaust system, but apart from that it's very standard. [Motor Cycle, 7/8/68]

August 11th Sunday at Brands Hatch: Hutchinson 100 International, short circuit in reverse. "Mick Andrew was a fine seventh on the Gus Kuhn-entered Norton Commando." [Mick Woollett 14/8/68]

11th September 1968: Mick Woollett's Race Gossip in Motor Cycle. Mike's Bike The Seeley that Mike Hailwood rode to victory in the 500cc race at Oulton Park has been bought by Vincent Davey of Gus Kuhn Motors. Fitted with a brand-new 500cc Seeley engine, the bike is to be tried out by Malcolm Uphill within the next few days. If all goes well, Uphill be out on the Seeley in the Race of the Year.

September 8th Sunday at Brands Hatch: National, Mick Andrew is entered in the 1,000cc race. He did not finish in the top six in the final.

September 22nd Sunday at Mallory Park: Race of the Year International, Mick Andrew is entered by Gus Kuhn on his 344cc Aermacchi and on Kuhn Commando. Result unknown.

September 28th Saturday at Croft: “On the Gus Kuhn Seeley Malcolm Uphill was way back in 10th place on the second lap, but within three miles he stormed through to fourth position. And then he came off at Bar Croft Bend to finish the day with severe cuts and abrasions. He was taken to hospital and ten stitches were required to repair the damage to his right hand” But he was racing the following day at Cadwell Park. [Motor Cycle 2/10/1968]

28th September Saturday at Darlington: It was an unlucky afternoon for Welshman Malcolm Uphill. In the 1,000cc final, having won his heat, on the Gus Kuhn Seeley he was way back in 10th place on the second lap, but within three miles he stormed through to fourth position. And then he came off at Bar Croft Bend to finish the day with severe cuts and abrasions. [Motor Cycle 2/10/1968]

Mick Andrew on the Gus Kuhn Norton leaps up the mountain at Cadwell Park.
Mick Andrew hustles the Gus Kuhn
entered Norton Commando up
Cadwell Park's Mountain.
[Photo Motor Cycle front page 2/10/68]
September 29th at Cadwell Park: Mick Andrew finished 12th in the big race on the Gus Kuhn Commando.

October 6th Sunday at Brands Hatch: Race of the South International, Malcolm Uphill and Mick Andrew entered. Result unknown.

October 20th at Snetterton: Highlight was the ten-lap race for production machines in which a great scrap developed between Mick Andrew on the Gus Kuhn Norton and Peter Butler (649 Triumph). Butler, winner of nearly all the major production events at Snetterton this year, was finally beaten by Andrew by the narrowest of margins. Andrew subsequently became the day's only double winner by taking the 350cc race from Jeff Wade, both men rode Aermacchis. [Motor Cycle 23/10/68]

October 27th Sunday at Brands Hatch: Kentish 100. Mick Andrew entered on 350 Seeley, 500 Seeley and GK Commando 500-1,300cc Race. “Riding a 745cc Dunstall, Pickrell won the 1,300cc final from Croxford on a Reg Curley 745cc Norton. Sixth in the earlier 500cc Redex final riding a Gus Kuhn Seeley, Mick Andrew put up a great show on the South London dealer's Commando to finish third ahead of Martyn Ashwood on an Arter Matchless.” [Motor Cycle]

December 29th Sunday at Brands Hatch: Yuletide meeting. There were only two classes, solos and sidecars. “A liberal dose of salt saved Sunday's experimental Yuletide races from cancellation. Under the slippery conditions, the solo men could not match the speed of the outfits, but Dave Croxford underlined his claim to the King of Brands title by winning the final on his 496cc Seeley.” [Mick Woollett, Motor Cycle, 1/1/69] Mick Andrew (496 Kuhn Seeley) was 5th followed by Barry Sheene (270 Bultaco).